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Posted by Doug Morton on Tuesday, 12 August 2014

For a few years now I’ve been writing the occasional blog to go with photographs I’ve been lucky enough to take in interesting places, and have immensely enjoyed doing so.   I’ve been very guilty of neglecting my website, mainly as a result of the site not working too well with the previous software, but have now had that redone, and the site works far better.   One of the reasons for changing the site was to improve the blog page which I use in preference to any of the blog sites available on the Internet.
After a break of about four months, it occurred to me last night that it was about time I had another look at the blog page, partly to see if there were comments I should have responded to.   I love getting comments on the posts as this gives me an idea of what kind of presentation I should be concentrating on.   Comments have come mainly from personal friends and from family members, but I’ve received several from complete strangers from other parts of the world, making interesting observations on the blog content as well as on my style of writing and the way in which I include the photographic material.
So I went to take a look.   I went first to the comments list, and there were a few, mostly one-liners saying things like “I really enjoyed this post.”   That’s good to hear.   There were one or two others asking for updates on the places I’d photographed, and I sorted those out in pretty short order.   The shock came upon opening the actual blog posts.   The numbers of visitors has spiralled into many thousands now, and I was, and still am, awed at the attention the posts have been getting.
So I’ll be getting off my lazy butt and attending more carefully to the page.   I can’t help but feel that although visiting someone’s blog is completely voluntary, I should be assuming more responsibility for maintaining interest and continuity.   So if any of you regular visitors, and others, has noticed how slack I’ve been, I apologise.   Thanks to each of you who’s visited, and especially to those who’ve commented on the posts.   I deeply appreciate your taking an interest, and hope I can carry on providing material that will persuade you to keep looking.



Having only just seen this, my response is "about bloody time"! Just kidding, I am delighted that you are active in this sphere again, and look forward to more and more and more.

By: Deb Williams on August 20, 2014

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